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继续我们追求卓越的承诺, galaxy银河娱乐场网站技术部指导和开发, 与行政部门和教职员工沟通, 学校在课堂和整个机构中对技术的使用. Students are encouraged to develop their computer skills and their knowledge of how technology can enrich and affects their lives throughout their academic program of studies. 为支持这一目标:
  • 所有学生都必须有一台iPad.
  • 学生可以使用学校的网络和互联网.
  • 学生将有一个网络文件夹可以在线存储文件.
  • All faculty members, students and staff will be provided with a Fenwick e-mail address.
  • 每周简报通过电子邮件发送给所有学生和家长.
  • 教师, Students and those Parents who sign up for the Fenwick Emergency Notification System will receive an automated phone call with important information.
To enable parents and students to have a greater sense of a student’s academic progress, Fenwick uses a Learning Management System service (Schoology) which enables students and parents to interact with faculty members. 有机会了解他们的作业、成绩和学术资源.

技术部从早上7点开始营业.m. 到4点p.m. 上学的时候. 我们位于253和255房间. 如果你有关于galaxy银河娱乐场网站技术的问题,请随时与我们联系.





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  • 网络管理/ Maintinance
  • 台式机/笔记本电脑
  • Servers
  • 打印机/复印机
  • 访问点
  • 液晶投影仪
  • 钥匙卡存取
  • 教师/学生ID
  • VOIP电话系统
  • 安全摄像头


1:1的学习可以提高学生的批判性思维和解决问题的能力, 同时也支持自主学习. This program will teach our students how to engage responsibly in a digital environment and strengthen their 21st 世纪技能,如理解技术的道德使用, 问责制, 社会责任和个人生产力. 它支持创造力和创新, 沟通和信息技能, 以及全球意识和公民素养. Acquiring this knowledge and developing these skills will better position our students for their future college years and beyond.

Using iPads will allow us to replace some of the textbooks with iBooks and e-books, 减轻学生们每天必须背负的负担. 另外, 这将减少花在教科书上的费用, which may offset the cost of the iPad over the course of four years of high school. 学生将能够访问原始文件, videos and other curriculum materials at anytime from anywhere inside the school and outside, too, 方便随时随地学习. iPad为学生和老师提供了一种互动的方式, 以学生为中心的学习环境.


Consider purchasing your iPad from the Fenwick Apple Store to receive Apple’s Educational discount. 商店地址是 www.apple.com/edu/fenwickhighschool.



  • Q. 谁被要求购买iPad?

  • Q. 我可以带iPad以外的设备进学校吗?

    学生必须有一台iPad. Our program is tailored to using texts and applications that are most effective on iPads. 学生可以把笔记本电脑带到学校, however, 笔记本电脑和个人智能手机将不允许使用galaxy银河娱乐场网站的Wi-Fi网络.
  • Q. 我的学生应该购买哪款iPad?

    It is recommended that you purchase an 8th Generation iPad or later with a minimum of 64 GB of memory. 推荐的最小iPadOS是v14. 还建议你的iPad有一个硬壳,以保护它不受损坏.
  • Q. iPad有什么配件啊? 还需要什么额外的配件? 推荐什么?

    所有ipad都配有电源适配器和USB接口. 推荐使用苹果铅笔或其他触控笔和/或键盘. 
  • Q. 我可以和兄弟姐妹分享我的iPad吗?

    No, the iPads will be required throughout the school day and sharing will significantly limit the effectiveness of the program. However, books and apps may be purchased on an iTunes account that shares content across devices.
  • Q. 我如何将我的iPad连接到galaxy银河娱乐场网站Wi-Fi?

    The Tech department will need information from the Student iPads for Fenwick WiFi connectivity to be established. 6月份会发出一封电子邮件,说明如何提供这些信息.
  • Q. iPad将如何在课堂上使用?

    课堂使用将因学科而异. iPad取代了教室里的许多教科书, serving as a simulation platform for science classes and acting as a student's primary interface to email and web activity.
  • Q. 我的学生将如何学习如何使用iPad?

    新生迎新期间, 而学生们正在为他们的ipad安装galaxy银河娱乐场网站无线网络, 将开设一门关于如何使用Fenwick认可的应用程序以及Schoology的课程.
  • Q. 如何在iPad上下载所需的应用程序和ibook?

    应用程序可以通过App Store购买, 这是苹果环境的标准组成部分. 学生们将得到一份必须在iPad上加载的应用程序列表. galaxy银河娱乐场网站会有每个科目所需的应用程序列表,价格会有所不同. 我们打算使用的许多应用程序都是免费的,例如.g. 计算器. For information on electronic books, please see the information sent to you over the summer.
  • Q. 所有的书都是电子的吗?

    No. 然而,galaxy银河娱乐场网站正在努力向所有领域的电子书转型. This rollout will take several years and is dependent on teachers, availability of e-texts, etc.
  • Q. 学生们还会使用精装教科书吗?

    如果学生喜欢,他们可以使用精装书. 然而,其他课堂活动(例如,iPad将被要求使用.g. 模拟,网络访问等.).
  • Q. 我的学生需要购买计算器吗?

    是的,数学和科学课都需要计算器. Familiarity with a calculator is paramount to ACT/SAT performance and math and science testing, ACT/SAT考试不允许使用iPad.
  • Q. 我怎样做才能防止我的iPad丢失/被盗/损坏?

    The iPad, like their cell phone, are expensive electronic items are should not be unattended. We recommend that you download the app "Find my iPhone" and install it on the iPad. 如果iPad丢失或被盗, 这个应用程序允许将消息发送到设备, 警报响起, 还有一张地图显示设备的位置. To prevent damage, students should be mindful of how they carry and store the device. 此外,还推荐一个学生自己选择的案例.
  • Q. 如果iPad损坏、丢失或被盗,我该怎么办?

    如果你的iPad损坏了,苹果商店可以收费为你修理. If the iPad is lost or stolen, we can help track the device if it is in the school and it is on. 一旦设备离开学校,我们就无法追踪设备. Find My iPad是一款强烈推荐安装和打开的应用.
  • Q. 如果我的iPad正在维修或丢失,在我买到新iPad之前我能做什么?

    Fenwick provides loaner iPads at a cost of $35 for a maximum of three weeks for students that lose, 损坏或iPad被偷. 如果学生处于租借iPad的情况下,应该发放, 家长和学生都必须在网站上找到的贷款协议上签字.

    由于新冠肺炎疫情,我们的ipad出借数量有限.  不幸的是,我们可能无法在您申请iPad时为您提供.
  • Q. 我可以直接从我的iPad打印到学校的打印机吗?

    可以用iPad打印到学校的复印机上. Students should check their Fenwick email for instructions on printing from their iPad.
  • Q. 如果我的学生忘记给iPad充电会发生什么?

    维护iPad和给iPad充电是学生的责任. Failure to come to school with a charged iPad may result in an inability to participate in classroom activities. 不同的职业会有不同的结果.
  • Q. 有办法在学校给ipad充电吗?

    Students should be sure their iPads are fully charged each day when they come to school. However, there are electrical plugs in the entryway and throughout the school if needed.
  • Q. 学生能在网络上备份信息吗? 他们的数据是否受到保护?

    Students will not be able to back up their files to the Fenwick network from the iPad. There are several cloud storage apps which students may use to back up their documents, e.g. iCloud或谷歌Drive.
  • Q. 我的学生能够在多大程度上定制他/她的设备?

    因为ipad是个人财产, students can customize their desktop experience and application folder environment. It is suggested that students customize their device to suit both their home and school needs (i.e. 主题文件夹,个人使用页面等.).


Students will be emailed directions on how to send us information from their iPads that will be added to our system before July 14th.  学生还将获得学生登录各个系统的信息, 以及完成必要的数字公民课程的信息.


如果你的iPad丢了, 被盗或损坏, 目前正在维修或购买新iPad, 你可以向技术办公室借一台iPad. 请按照以下步骤操作:

Obtain a 借用iPad应用程序 form from the 技术 Office or from the link below.

填写所有要求的信息. 学生和家长/监护人都必须在表格上签字.

Bring the completed form to the 技术 Office along with $35 (check made payable to galaxy银河娱乐场网站) for the use of a loaner iPad for a 最多三(3)周.

当你收到新的或修好的iPad时, 请尽快将借用的iPad归还技术办公室.

由于新冠肺炎疫情,我们的ipad出借数量有限.  不幸的是,我们可能无法在您申请iPad时为您提供.


Your iPad, like a mobile phone, is an expensive electronic item and should not be left unattended.

Be sure to purchase 保险 or be sure that it is covered on your homeowner's policy if lost or stolen. 学生不应该把iPad放在储物柜里.

It is important to note that Applecare+ is an extended warranty that covers only two instances of damage. 它不包括丢失或被盗的ipad.
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