Expendable Funds

These expendable Funds were established to provide immediate assistance and are intended to be fully spent over time. In some cases, annual fundraising efforts are undertaken to “replenish” these Funds on an on-going basis and in some cases the donor(s) who established the Fund(s) make annual gifts to maintain the Fund(s). These Funds are not endowed and not necessarily expected to remain in perpetuity. Anyone can make a gift to any of these Funds to ensure that their purpose remains in place. Fenwick is extremely grateful to the donor(s) who established these Funds and those who regularly contribute to these Funds for their generous support of Fenwick. A minimum commitment of $50,000 is required to name an expendable fund.

If you prefer to make a gift of publicly traded securities to Fenwick, please refer to our security transfer instructions.

If you prefer to make a gift of cryptocurrency to Fenwick, please visit Fenwick Crypto.
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